FleetForce Job Placement Services

Job Placement Services

FleetForce offers job placement services to the students to ensure they find a driving career that is right for them. Our staff will teach you how to properly fill out an application and apply with the trucking companies. FleetForce offers our graduates this service even after they graduate, as long as they are still in the trucking field.

Our students have the choice of many well recognized carriers for employment opportunities.

Students have access to over 40 company informational brochures and web-sites to help narrow down which company will work best with your lifestyle.

Trucking company representatives are scheduled weekly to visit FleetForce and speak with our students about the opportunities they can offer you.

Our trucking experts and professional staff are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Most companies will respond the same day you apply for a position. They are anxious to get the wheels turning to secure a driving position with their company.

There is such a shortage of drivers and the demand so high you will never have to worry about a layoff!!

The best part is the average starting salary for an entry level driver is $45,000 a year!!

FleetForce Truck Driving School has created great connections with many trucking companies! Here are just a few companies who hire FleetForce graduates:

Tuition Reimbursement

FleetForce offers several options for students to pay their tuition for their CDL Class A License. We will assist you with these decisions before you start training.

Many of the trucking companies that hire FleetForce graduates pay up to 100% tuition reimbursement (especially for new Class A drivers). Reimbursement amounts will vary from company to company. FleetForce will provide you with information and help you learn what opportunities are available. FleetForce has established itself in the trucking industry and employers turn to us for their driver needs.

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